in the dark i found the light

i closed my eyes, and i see no light
darkness filled my sight,
i can’t see nor hear anythin’
it’s as if i was turned into blind and deaf.

im afraid of the dark,
but i just cant stop my eyes from closing
it has the urge to shut down,
and i just cant do anything but to let it happen.

in the darkness, i feel so alone,
weak and literary scared.
i feel i would break down in any minute
but im fighting everyting.. for one thing.

i made a deal with a black witch,
and that is the reason why im doing this.
im letting myself to face my biggest fear,
in exchange of giving my mom a chance to live.

my mom is suffering from an unknown disease,
and the only cure will be found in the darkness
a golden leaves with a diamond shape,
is the solution for her sick.

the black witch helped me to get in the said darkness,
giving me 24 hours to look for the said leaves,
and if i wont find the cure within 24 hours,
she’ll take my life as an exchange.

i slowly walk forward,
taking time to adjust my eyes from darkness
i cant see anything, and cant hear either.
no voice came out from my mouth no matter how i shout.

i starting to loose my hope,
starting to give up, and stop.
when suddenly the beautiful face
of my mom appear in my mind.
oh god, i cant afford to stop, not now.
its between life of my mom and mine.

so i stand up, i ran as fast as i can,
not caring where im going,
i ran fast even if i cant see anything.
i trust my feet, i know this will lead me to something,
something i was looking for.

i looked down on my wrist, and check the time.
i only got 43minutes more, my hope are still up.
i wont give up, i cant loose this deal.
i have to win.

when suddenly i saw a small light,
i began to smile and ran so fast,
i didnt notice i already conquered my fear,
i am not afraid of the dark anymore.

i am close to the light when suddenly
my feet bump on a big rock,
i fell on my feet and i felt the pain,
i touch my knee and my hands became wet.
a blood!! my knees are bleeding oh god!

i check my time, and i only got 3minutes,
i have to stand up, i have to get the golden leaves.
but my legs are to weak now,
my legs are betraying me, i started to cry.

then suddenly i heared a voice,
i heared the black witch! she was laughing!
i know whats going to happen next if i wont force myself.
i closed my eyes, then my hormones start kickin’ again.

i now have the strenght to stand up again,
i was mad, too mad. i can no longer feel any pain.
i was too numb to feel anything now,
i am too busy running my way to the light.

the bitch i mean the witch start counting down
she laughs each number she’s droppin down.
“your soul will be mine in a few seconds!!!”
then she laughs again like hell i could define.

five.. four.. and im still running..
three.. two.. i am close now.

the darkness fade..
*the which laugh*









“ella!! ella! wake up!
you’ll be late to school honey..”
i start to open my eyes
and saw the beautiful face of my mom.

“mom, you are healed! you are healed!”
i grin and hugged her so tight,
she pushed me away with a confusing eyes,
“honey, what are you talkin about, im not sick
now go to bathroom and take a shower, ok”
then she kissed me on the forehead and leave.

“so it was all just a dream??”
i murmured to myself..
and enter the bathroom.

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