graduate na si crush

as i type this piece, you're probably on your way to the stage,
having your graduation gown with those sweet smile on your face.
i still remember when the first time i saw you at B.U.
i really messed up and i apologize for that.

day by day, i started liking you,
til i declare to myself, i have a crush on you.
you see, i always having an eye for you,
but at times, i catch you staring at me too.

is it foolishness, or is it true?
i think you like me too.
im supposed to be the one looking at you,
but when i do, i catch you looking at me, boo.

and now, the moment you've been waiting for,
a moment that all students are wishing for.
after those tiring years, reviewing, studying,
you are now taking the last... graduating.

i wish you all the luck,
career, lovelife, health and wealth.
i hope someday, i could see you again,
where i could talk to you and let you know,
i like you, and i will always do.

happy graduation JGS :)

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