First draft of emotion for you

we're almost there,

I almost give up,
I planned it weeks ago,
& i thought i'm strong enough...
enough to let you go.

days have passed,
I trained myself to be numb,
I tried not to care,
though honestly it tears me apart.

I love you so much,
and I know you knew that.
but what is love,
if we always fight?

you don't understand my point
and i hardly understand yours.

when I thought there's no more use
in winning our battle,
when giving up is the only way,
I fin'lly decided to end it up.

I keep asking you for a day to meet up,
I even got mad cause you're not riding my plan.
we're not actually fighting that night,
i was the only mad and you were calm.

i hate it. you were different that night,
you ain't picking on me or even
throwing back your anger.

you stayed calm and damned!
for i realized by that moment..

I still love you, and yes... I couldn't afford to loose you.
I love you enough to let you go.

basta lang makabitaw ng tula.

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