inspiring feedbacks

I've been doing some book covers for amateur writers on wattpad, for like a month now.. actually there's a lot of cover makers in there, and yet i choose to make my own thread.

Some cover artist do covers cause they say they were *bored* i guess it gives them something to work on. While others offer covers for an exchange.. like barter. i give you rice, you give me crops.. something like that. it depends on the artist's deal. and others make covers for free, BUT the covers they're making always has a watermark all over the canvass.. geez, I'd rather settle for the deal part..

and as for me? nothing.. just a habit. an outlet of my creativitism. my college friends and classmates, made me believe that i have this taste (i hate to call it talent, cause i don't have talent) when it comes to designing.. so i tried to put it into the canvass and share it to all wattpad users. they make request, i do it, end of story. no watermarks, no deals, and especially i make cover not because I'm bored.

It makes me want to do more for them because of their appreciation on my works. I also decided to blogged their comments here in my blogsite to remind myself that i did two things in one act. That is to help other people with their books, as well as help myself express and improve my so called creativeness. below are just some of the feedback I got from them..

and my favorite comment was from creo.. geeez, he even mention the thing that i wasn't asking anything in return from them.. i totally love this guys <3

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