i said he said

they say you're a playboy,
you play with girls like a cowboy.
they say you're a waste,
until you see me in the maze.

they say you're common,
just like those flirts who bumps on.
but the moment i saw your face,
i knew you were my missing piece.

i saw you when you look at me,
you manage to carry a smile.
i should've ignore it,
but i just can't fight it.

i wanted to approach and talk to you,
but im afraid you wont let me to.
i know what you think about me,
but what will i do? im so in to you.

should i let this feeling take over?
when i know you'll eventually hurt me?

can i have my chances?
and prove to you that i'm worth it?

whatever it takes, i will accept.
though i might hurt you,
or i might hurt myself,
atleast i tried, and never regret.

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kikilabotz said...

peram pampunas sa ilong ko.pwede? nagdudugo na eh. ahaha

definella said...

di pede..

KESO said...

ang cuute ng lines. pahiram din hahahaha

definella said...

thanks ^^,

sure =))

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